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Road to Commingle – Part 3

So I woke up in a panic this morning, remembering that I hadn’t written this week’s installation. I usually begin writing it Sunday, but if you followed the posts on Twitter…the last 48 hours were really busy and crazy.

Last week I mentioned the pant leg of the recycled jeans were not large enough for the pattern piece. Well, I come from the school of thought “If there is a will – there is a way!” I finagled the pattern piece, and cut it in a way that the compromised portion would be in the seam allowance.

The jacket as it looks now…

It's Coming Along

It's Coming Along

As the jacket is evolving, there are some things I will do a little differently next time. For instance, I will take the time to dye the denim or give it some type of treatment, to give it a less “patchwork” look, but I still like how the shading in the denim plays with the modeling of the vinyl.

Back of Jacket

Oh well, you live and learn!

The good news is, I have a dress 95% completed (you will have to wait to view it with the completed collection), this jacket will be done by Friday and the contest I want to submit these items to, has granted an extension for submissions. WooHoo!

Talk to you next week or get the day-by-day saga, on

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